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Get ready to put your driving skills to test by playing this exciting driving and parking game, now with 10 new driving tests, to experience a thrill like never before – for absolutely FREE! A game that is both, easy to play and tricky to excel at, Parking Frenzy gives you a chance to prove your dexterity and precision. Think you know how to handle those wheels? Think again. Parking Frenzy requires you to demonstrate your skill, accuracy and awareness by avoiding oncoming traffic and obstacles to be able to park your car with minimum damage. Make use of the realistic driving physics this game has to offer with a unique virtual steering wheel that offers pinpoint control! With a total of 41 exciting levels, Parking Frenzy guarantees unlimited entertainment for hours on end! So, get your seatbelt on and get ready to drive through this addictive car parking game! Accelerate through this fast-paced drive and park game to unlock new levels. Get 3 stars in all levels…if you can! But make sure you don’t crash and burn! Go park that car! Get it now for FREE! Gamespot reviews Parking Frenzy! (http://bit.ly/pfrenzyreview) Nearly 7 MILLION Android Downloads! 8 million Downloads on iTunes Store! This smash hit is now available on the Android Market. More levels coming soon! PARKING FRENZY FEATURES: • Realistic driving physics • Car damage modelling • Virtual steering wheel for pinpoint control • 41 levels of parking action • More levels coming soon! Also, try the free web version of Parking Frenzy on our website -http://games2win.com/boys-games/parking-frenzy-game.aspIf you are facing issues with Parking Frenzy, please email us [email protected] Send us your questions, doubts or any complaints that you have. We promise to get back to you! VISIT US:http://games2win.comFOLLOW US:http://twitter.com/games2winLIKE US:http://facebook.com/Games2win
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    2015-11-02 16:20:57

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  • Marco Rossi
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    2015-10-18 23:13:21

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    2015-10-08 07:52:02

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    2015-10-07 15:13:28

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  • Sam Magda
    2015-10-07 15:13:02

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    2014-11-10 19:23:40

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  • Josanana willary
    2014-04-10 18:36:58

    This is a really fun game and I really like it.:-)